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Drivestyleuk Paving professional high pressure system uses a flat surface rotary cleaner that can restore almost any surface back to its original condition by removing the effects of weathering, moss, algae, weeds and stains all of which left untreated will lessen the appeal and durability of your property's exterior.

Planning and budgeting now for some cost-effective preventative maintenance treatment will save you money long-term and may even pay you back immediately by increasing the value or salability of your property all for a fraction of the cost of relaying!

What types of surface can be treated? - We can either clean only or clean and rejuvenate almost any exterior surface, including the following:

 Tarmac, Block Paving, Concrete and Imprinted

Other Surfaces:
Patios, Pathways, Decking, Swimming Pool, Areas and Tennis Courts.

What to expect - We are confident that we can make a dramatic improvement to the look of  your exterior surfaces and we are willing to demonstrate this to you by  completing a free trial patch on any surface that you are proposing to restore so you can see the difference for yourself!

Estimates - We appreciate that every job is unique and as such we prefer to examine  any potential jobs to ensure suitability. We also like to have the  opportunity to discuss and fully understand your requirements prior to  submitting our written quotation.

The Cleaning Process - Driveways and all other hard surfaces are cleaned using high pressure water  applied with a specialist rotary cleaner. This water based process  quickly removes all ingrained dirt, weeds, moss and algae together with  most stains. As the process relies on water only this leaves planted  borders, ponds and more importantly the environment chemical free. Loose jointing sand will be removed from block paving during the cleaning  process but we can replace this with new sterile kiln-dried sand.

The Rejuvenation Process - In order to maintain your cleaned driveway in the best possible condition we recommend that a rejuvenating or binding agent is applied to the surface.

Block paved driveways or other paved areas will benefit from a spray applied application of Marshall's 'Key Bond'. This binds and solidifies the sand joints and minimises wash out from the joints by the action of wind and rain. It also helps to slow down any future weed growth and enhances the natural colours of the blocks.

Tarmac driveways will benefit greatly from the application of one or two coats of 'Armaseal'. This is a water-based polymer bitumen compound which cures and hardens to form a strong bond to the host surface. It restores the original colour of your driveway, seals fine cracks and binds the surface aggregate minimising the future ingress of water and any further loss of chippings.  'Armaseal' was specifically developed for use by highway authorities and as such is far superior in both appearance and performance to similar painted-on acrylic products that may be offered by our competitors, DIY stores or via the internet.

Browse our Web site for more information about Drivestyleuk Paving. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Drivestyleuk Paving representative regarding our services. please call us on any of the phone numbers or the e-mail address shown at the bottom of each page.

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